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Instructor lead classes

Only $20 a class!

$15 a class for Guild Members

First time? Only $10!

Classes are held @ 3201 NE 148th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97220 (bottom floor of the River Crest Community Church, park in the lower lot enterance in the rear).

Monday Morning Classes

From 10 AM to 2 PM

Christina Erickson Painting on Grounds

January 7th, 14th, & 21st


Photo of instructor Christina Erickson

“Two things drive me: creating art and being around people creating art.” This explains Christina Erickson’s 28 year career as a high school art teacher, where she created and taught courses in beginning through advanced Art, Painting, Illustration, Visual Communications, Fashion Illustration, Printmaking, and Ceramics,. She loves working in a wide variety of mediums, but her main passion is acrylic on large canvases, painting faces (animal or human) that make eye contact with the viewer. “It’s hard to ignore someone looking directly at you!”

With a degree in Art Education from U of O, and post-baccalaureate in Painting and Art Ed at PSU, Christina has taught high school art in Boston, MA, Tasis International School in Athens, Greece, and (22 years) at La Salle College Prep in Milwaukie, OR where she was selected as Educator of the Year. Christina has taken over 500 hours of artist workshops and says, “Although it's required for licensure, it's one of the best perks… who wouldn't want to take so many workshops?!” She teaches occasionally in her studio. Her motto: Creating art should be fun, it should be challenging; it should be brain food.

Her website can be viewed at ChristinaEricksona.wixsite


January 7th Stenciled Grounds

christina painting

We'll start with cutting simply-shaped stencils, and then use them to build up layers of color and pattern. We'll work on several pieces at once, having fun exploring different color combinations. Imagery will be painted on top of these grounds.

January 14th Abstract Grounds and Negative Shape Paintings

christina erickson painting

We will work vigorously in an abstract expressionist style to create grounds. A demo in negative shape painting will be given.

January 21st Finding Shapes in Things: Working from the Imagination

Christina Erickson chicken art

Are you the type who sees shapes in clouds? Christina will demo her process of doing this with grounds. Today's class to be used for any direction participants want to take, including finishing work from previous classes and creating new grounds. Demos can be repeated for anyone who missed the previous class(s).

Angela Wrahtz

February 4th & 18th

Karen Berg

February 11th


picture of Angela Wrahtz instructor

Angela is an award-winning artist who lives and works in the Pacific Northwest. Her principal medium is mixed media watercolor painting. She has won numerous top awards at juried competitive art shows and now brings her experience in into the classroom teaching regularly in Tualatin & Keizer and as an invited workshop instructor.

Angela is mostly a self-taught artist who earned an M.A. in Language & Literature from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. While in college, she took studio art classes and followed these with more at the UC Berkeley Extension when her career in publishing took her to the Bay Area where she worked regularly with artists and designers as part of her daily career. She continues her art education studying with master painters who specialize in experimental techniques.

Always surrounded by art and arty people, Angela has worked throughout her life to develop her own distinct method and style. She is a member of Watercolor Society of Oregon and the Oregon Society of Artists, and Wild Over Watercolor—Guild of Artists.

Angela's Website can be viewed at


picture of Karen Berg instructor

Karen Berg is an award winning Oregon watercolor artist who has won top awards at juried art shows including People’s choice, First Place, Second Place, Third Place, Juror’s Choice, and Honorable Mention.

Karen started painting with watercolors several years after retiring in 2002 as a secondary English and social studies teacher and reading and learning specialist. Though she had had several classes of art and pointing (in oil) during school and college, Karen is primarily a self-taught artist. Taking her first watercolor class in 2006 sparked her interest in this medium and has grown into her passion. She enjoys painting in her home and with fellow artists at various venues and sites. As an instructor, she loves teaching and working with artists, whether budding, flowering or established. “To see the spark of excitement and light of understanding while learning new techniques, developing skills, and adding to their art knowledge is the greatest of rewards.”

Karen is a member of Wild Over Watercolor Guild of Artists (WOW), Keiser Art Association (KAA), Watercolor Society of Oregon (WSO), and Oregon Society of Artists (OSA). She is President of Wild Over Watercolor, serving on its board in various offices over the last 8 years.

Karen's Website can be viewed at


Snowfall by Sue Scheewe Brown

February 4th Coastal Scene with Volcanic Cliffs with Angela Wrahtz

In this project, we examine how daylight plays on ruffled water and how sand shines through the surf and reflections bounce back. We will talk about using different kinds of blue paint for capturing the sky and water and explore what happens in the glazing process. We will also use wet-into-wet techniques for a portion of the painting. The beach canyons are an opportunity to explore the use of earthy browns. Elements of good design will be part of the instruction so that each student can understand the good bones in the composition and why the composition will ensure a successful.

Ocean scene by Karen Berg

February 11th Coastal Scene with Karen Berg

Building on ideas and techniques we explored in the previous session, we will explore more closely how to capture movement of water in waves, around rocks, and against cliffs and represent it with watercolor. Our colors will expand beyond blues and earth tones. In creating a vibrant coastal sunset, we work with yellows, oranges, reds, blues, and purples in the sky and reflecting these colors on the ocean waters, rocks and cliffs. We discuss how to paint the various warm colors in the sky with blue and purples to avoid “mud”. Use of glazing on the cliffs and rocks will enhance their rich earth tones and allow sunset colors to glint off edges. Painting rocks and cliffs provide a good opportunity to work with shadows, on land and in calm or moving waters. In addition to glazing and wet-into-wet, we will explore wet-into-dry and dry brush techniques. To create a successful composition, we our discussion will focus aerial perspective along with elements and principles of design.

Painting by Angela Wrahtz

February 18th Fanciful Seahorse with Angela Wrahtz

Those who attend will have an opportunity to get help finishing either or both projects from the prior two sessions. Continuing on, and staying on a wet and watery coastal theme, we’ll end our workshop series with a playful watercolor with pen and ink project which incorporates a sea creature or two! You’ll learn how to paint a dramatic high color background with watercolors and experiment with a salting effect that takes the painting to a whole new level. Finally you will paint and carefully detail a dandy sea horse to swim inside the cool background using a mix of Sharpie pens.. Traditional and new age pen techniques taught.

$10 Evening Classes

@ 6:00

Paul Clendenin The Shape of Water

January 7th, 14th, & 21st

In 3 evening sessions totaling 9 hours of instruction. Examples of elements that comprise marine scenes and seascapes will be discussed and demonstrated. The instructor will be working at times in oils, acrylics and watercolors, but the basic shapes, contrasts and textures remain the same across various media. Techniques and approaches vary of course, from one medium to another

Jan. 7th Instructor will be working in oils.

Jan. 14th Instructor will be working in Acrylics.

Jan. 21st Instructor will be working in watercolors.

Participants are encourage to attend all three sessions working in their medium of choice.

What causes a wave, basic wave structure, the “breaking wave”, how to carve a wave out of the background, foam patterns, “scud” and how to depict it, water in motion, rocks. “composition”, “lead-ins”, “path of Light”, “transitions”, “sunset glow”, and how to use salt to generate texture in watercolor will be items of discussion.

As in past classes the focus will not be to complete a finished painting in one sitting, but to learn technique from demonstrated examples. It is an ambitious undertaking and we may just “brush” the surface, yes pun intended!

His website can be viewed at


Collage Class by Berdell Moffett-Chaney

February 4th, 11th, & 18th

photo of instructor Berdell

In 3 evening sessions totaling 9 hours of instruction.Berdell Moffett-Chaney will be teaching mixed media/Collage. The projects will be fun and easy. Join her as she brings out in you surprising creativity. You will learn the skills of colors, values, themes and 3Dimensional projects. Each class you will complete a project that will make you proud. “Berdell is an exceptional, exciting and fun teacher. A “MUST attend”

February 4th-First class “Color Values with mixed media"

February 11th-Second Class “Working with Themes”

February 18th – Third class “Adding the Fun”

Supply List:christ The teacher will bring all the needed supplies for each class.

Her website can be viewed at (scroll down for slideshow)