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Instructor lead classes

Only $20 a class!

$15 a class for Guild Members

First time? Only $10!

Click for directions: Classes are held @ 3201 NE 148th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97220 (bottom floor of the River Crest Community Church, park in the lower lot enterance in the rear).

Morning Classes

From 10 AM to 2 PM

Extra Special One Class Only

Claudia Nice Elephant's in Colors

July 8th

Only $20 a class! $15 a class for Guild Members. First time? Only $10!


picture of instructor

Claudia Nice, a native of the Pacific Northwest, attended the University of Kansas, but gained her realistic pen, ink, and watercolor techniques from sketching nature. She spent over 15 years traveling across North America for Koh-I-Noor/Rapidograph and Grumbacher as an art consultant, conducting seminars, workshops, and demonstrations at various schools, clubs, shops, and trade shows. Her relaxed, informative method of instruction is geared to put the beginner at ease, and encourage the seasoned artist to new heights.

Claudia has authored or contributed to over thirty successful books, including "Creating Textured in Pen & Ink With Watercolor." This fully illustrated text book was not only a North Light "Book of the Month," but a best seller for F & W Publications. Over 400,000 Claudia Nice books have sold. Her art work has won numerous awards and is often found in leading art instruction magazines.

Claudia Nice's work can be viewed at:


Claudia will be bringing her sketch book from her recent trip to Africa. We’ll be sketching and then painting “Elephants in Watercolors”.

We expect this to be a popular class, so come up to half an hour early so you can get a great spot to set up and get settled in before class starts.

Materials list:

1. Small sheets of 140# cold press paper in 5x7 6x8 or similar sizes.

2. #2 pencil and eraser for sketching.

3. #4 round, 1/4" flat, and small detail brush plus and favorite brushes.

4. Watercolor paints and regular equipment.

Note: the guild does have some watercolor paints & brushes for loan during this class.

Hilarie Couture

Value to Color; Value Does the Work, Color Gets the Credit

July 15th, 22nd & 29th

Only $20 a class! $15 a class for Guild Members. First time? Only $10!


picture of instructor

Hilarie Couture is an artist who specializes in portraits and figurative work. She is most noted for a recent project she created about women in Clark County, Washington who made contributions to this area, by painting 55 portraits honoring these women, followed by a traveling exhibition (for over a year) of the portraits; she then documented the project with a book she wrote the following year.

Couture works in several mediums but prefers oil and pastel. Her style continues to evolve but is mainly romantic contemporary impressionism.

She lives and has a studio gallery in Vancouver, Washington and is primarily self-taught; however, in the past 6 years she has taken workshops from contemporary artists whom she admires and she devours art books and videos. She is a sought-after instructor, holding workshops, classes and doing demos and talks at various locations, including her Vancouver studio. She shows in several galleries in McMinnville and Portland, Camas, Washington, and Omaha, Nebraska where is from. She has had national recognition and awards from competitions of the Northwest and International Pastel Societies and the Art Muse and Bold Brush competitions, Jerry’s Artarama portrait competition, as well as best-of-shows and other local awards. Couture is a passionate artist as well as a very giving teacher.

Hilarie Couture's work can be viewed at:


Are you ready to take your ART to the next level? In order to have a stronger painting, we will address the basics. In this workshop we will explore a better understanding of how to create form through the understanding of value. Each week we will take a different subject and learn how to describe it in the simplest value shapes, and then turn the value to color. We will approach landscape, still life, and portraiture and you will see a big leap in your work when you learn to simplify your values. You may work in any medium.

Materials List: This depends on the medium you choose to work in.

If you choose to:

Paint -- Bring black and white paint, brushes, palette, and palette knife.

Work in pastels -- Bring black, white and various grey pastels.

You will also need -- a sketchbook (or paper), a sharpie marker or pencil, and a reference photo of a landscape you want to paint.

July 15th Landscape

Bring surface of your choice: mat board (9x12 or 8x10) or heavy all media paper, canvas board, or pastel paper.

July 22nd Still Life

Same materials as first week, plus 3 objects for a still life set up and fabric to set them on.

July 29th Portrait

Same materials as first week, adding a full set of colors and a reference photo as follows: 8x10 portrait photo with photo copy of the same.

Only $20 a class! $15 a class for Guild Members. First time? Only $10!

Theresa Weil

People & Pet Collage Portraiture Class

August 5th, 12th, & 19th


picture of instructor

Theresa’s interest in art began when she learned how to cut out patterns and sew clothes for herself as a teenager. She went on to study fine art and design, has an Associate Degree in Graphic Design. and worked as a graphic designer and art director for twenty years in Los Angeles. Paper collage was a natural medium for Theresa; she enjoys the challenge of using pieces of cut paper to bring life to her collaged portrait subjects.

Because She Cares is a series of portraits Theresa created of women who lead non-profits in Oregon; it toured the state in 2014.

Theresa loves teaching students of all levels who want to try new mediums and approaches to creating art. She encourages her students to take risks, relax and have fun with their vision, all while being open to the surprising process of creativity.

Theresa Weil's work can be viewed at:


In this class we will think outside the frame of traditional portraiture by creating dramatic collage portraits of pets and/or people by exploring texture, pattern, layering, and color theory. We will demystify the visual structure and features of the animal and human face, neck and head. This is an open learning environment for each student’s individual art expression and growth. We’ll have fun!

Aug. 5th: Create a “Warm-Up” mini portrait using black, white and grey tones. Begin your portrait if you are ready. Teacher will demo the use of matte medium and collage paper types.

Aug. 12th: Create your portrait using color. Demo on X-Acto cutting and color theory.

Aug. 19th: Students will work at their own pace to finish their portrait(s). Demo on finish coatings and framing options.

Evening Classes

From 6 PM to 9 PM

Open Studio

July 8th, 15th & 22nd


All skill levels are invited to join us for fun, supportive Open Studio evenings! It’s a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people, to work on ongoing projects or start new work, and to get inspired by others. Open Studio is facilitated by experienced art instructors who can provide guidance if desired. We are a supportive, welcoming group of beginning to advanced artists who hope to see you there. If you like, bring your supper!

Paul Clendenin “Watercolor for the Fearful”

August 5th, 12th, and 19th


picture of instructor

A lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, Paul is a versatile artist and winner of numerous awards. The grandeur of the Olympic Mountains, the drama of the Pacific Ocean, and the serenity of the streams and waterfalls of the Cascade rainforests, are a constant source of creative imagery. Love for water, and the constant interplay of motion and light upon this subject has become an area of personal focus. Crashing surf, cascading streams, or tranquil still waters are favorite themes.

While oil is a primary medium Paul also studies and enjoys the spontaneity of Watercolors as a medium. Having taught in the Portland Recreation System for years and performed workshops in a variety of venues, Paul now enjoys presenting classes and workshops to outside organizations when invited, and routinely presents at the Portland Fine Arts Guild where he currently serves as President.

Paul Clendenin's work can be viewed at:


Have you been reluctant to step into the world of watercolors because?

“I don’t want to invest a lot of money in something I don’t know if I will enjoy.”

"I feel uncertain because I don’t have the basics.”

“Watercolors are too difficult for me”

This is a class series designed for you. Entry level or above, we will start at the beginning, and in the course of our three evenings together we will do some exercises designed to introduce you to basic materials and techniques. I promise a non-threatening time, geared to the speed of the participants, and the enjoyment of our time together. You may, of course bring your own tools and materials, but I also will have ten watercolor sets including:

Paint, palette, brushes, containers, boards, paper, etc. Everything necessary for the novice to develop a painting each evening.

    Class 1. Using only color (monochromatic), we will focus on how to control water, develop shapes of different sizes and create value changes to generate a foggy forest scene.

    Class 2. Giving attention to edges, textures, and shapes, with the use of a palette knife to develop planes, we will paint a convincing rock.

    Class 3. Putting together our newly learned skills, we will paint a simple mountain scene.