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Instructor lead classes

Only $20 a class!

$15 a class for Guild Members

First time? Only $10!

Classes are held @ 3201 NE 148th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97220 (bottom floor of the River Crest Community Church, park in the lower lot enterance in the rear).

Monday Morning Classes

From 10 AM to 2 PM

Painting of Rosie by Carolynn Wagler

“Simply Watercolor Portraits” with Carolynn Wagler

August 6, 13 & 20th


CAROLYNN WAGLER has been painting water color for over 17 years has been teaching watercolor and pastels in the Portland area for several years. Her unique use of color gives her paintings a vibrancy and freshness that has earned her awards in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. In 2016 her winning painting from the Leading Age Art Oregon competition was shown at the state capital in Salem. Carolynn was juried into the Watercolor Society of Oregon and is part of a local critique group from the WSO. She started painting Fine Art by taking a watercolor class at MHCC in 2001. She has also taken workshops from Alvaro Castagnet, Paul Jackson, John Lovet, Bev Jozwaik, Vickie Nelson, Marla Baggetta, Scott C. Johnson, Harold Walkup, Brenda Boylan, Jean Haines of the UK.and a portrait workshop by Chris Stubbs.


The method I use is to try to simplify the process as much as possible yet get the image to resemble the subject. We will have two light boxes to use to trace the prominent lines in the face. You will need tracing paper and graphite paper. We will begin with a fun face, such as Wonder Woman to learn the basics. I will provide the photo for that class. Then, to paint your choices, you will need to bring your own (very clear) color 8 x 10 photo. I will provide illustrations for practicing different parts of the face and different ethnicities, so that you will end up with a notebook of exercises and reference colors.

You may contact Carolynn at

Her website can be viewed at fineartamerica Carolynn Wagle


Painting by Sondra Stephenson

“Painting Dreams and Memories” with Sondra Stephenson

September 3, 10 & 17th


Sondra Stephenson is a multi-media artist, best known by her bold-lined charcoal drawings and dream-inspired oil paintings. She currently lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon and teaches drawing and painting classes in clients’ homes and online and sells commissioned artwork through her business, Brush Order. Sondra believes teaching art is one of the best ways to sharpen her own skills as an artist and plans to open her own studio classroom soon. Sondra is interested in the unconscious and otherworldly. In her work she strives to open conversation about controversial subjects such as faith and having a purpose-driven life. With this work she wants the viewer to feel curious and introspective. She invites her viewers to consider what matters in life and how supernatural messages might manifest in waking life.


“The ability to remember and reminisce over dreams and memories is a uniquely human one. Dreams are fascinating to me because, like art, they are often cryptic messages made specially for the dreamer to decode. With this class, students will learn techniques to put thought to canvas through writing, ideating, and finding source imagery to develop a truly original painting in their choice of oil or acrylic paints. Students will choose a dream, memory, or story to use as inspiration. Students should have a basic knowledge of either acrylics or oil paints. (Or, bring your medium of choice and join us.) The next step is to choose the most impactful scene from this narrative and search for images online, in magazines, or photos for images of different components of the scene. I will guide each person and give advice for how to construct their ideas. The final stage is painting, where I will meet one-on-one with students to assist with techniques and execution.”

Her website can be viewed at

Evening Classes

From 6 PM to 9 PM

painting by Gary Michael

“Pastels Made Easy & Fun With Gary Michael”

August 27th

Open to all levels. Some drawing experience may be desirable. Emphasis will be on composition, value shapes, focal point and accurate observation. A quick demonstration will start each session; then lots of individual attention.

You may choose your subject. Bring reference photos or borrow some of mine. Keep it simple!

Gary Michael is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America and the Northwest Pastel Society. He was born in Portland, practiced architecture for many years and still plays his trumpet in three ensembles.

Gary can be contacted at:

His website can be viewed at

Coming Soon!

Next Month Evening Class

"How to mat and frame your own artwork" with Paul Clendenin