Portland Fine Arts Guild

Membership Application

Membership Application

To join us, simply print out the membership form and send it, along with a check for $40.00 made payable to PFAG to:

Rivercrest Community Church
3201 NE 148th Ave.
Portland, OR 97230

We also accept all major credit cards.

Name on the credit card___________________­­­­_________________________  


Expiration Date:       ________________________  Code_______

(New members who join during the year will have dues prorated.)


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Portland Fine Arts Guild is a cooperative of artists that depends on the generosity of its members to create, manage and staff their activities.  Please indicate your preference for participating in one of the Guild committees below. Your involvement is a great opportunity to get the most out of your membership by socializing and networking with fellow artists, and improving our fine arts education and exhibitions.

____Membership Committee                                                      ____Publicity Committee                          ____Exhibits Committee

____Program Committee                                                              ____Hospitality Committee                      ____Judging Committee

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Date paid:____________________Amount: __________Cash or check __________Deposit: _______________