-Open Studio- 
We hold Open Studio on the fourth Monday of each month from

10:00AM- 2:00PM. 

Cost: $10.00

On January 8, 15, 22 from 10:00am-2:00pm, Melody Lane Howden will teach students (beginning to advanced) how to work in watercolor, pastels and combining those two mediums into a mixed media.  The paper (arches 140#) you bring will be important for the finished product.


Rivercrest Community Church 3201 NE 148th Avenue Portland 97230


Melody has been an active member and a teacher at the Portland Fine Arts Guild.  She also teaches Mix Media and Water Color at Matt Dishman Community Center for the Portland Public Parks Bureau.  She developed a passion for drawing and painting late in life.  She loves experimentation, learning new techniques and doing art in both new and traditional ways.  Melody may be contacted at503-465-8354.


 A good selection of pastels: you can use firm pastels, but the soft pastels will work the best when water is applied.

Yarka pan paints will work for water color

 Two pieces of 140# ARCHES watercolor paper 11”X14”

One piece of 140# Strathmore (or some other cheap paper) in 11”x14”  (less expensive paper can be used with pastels)

WATERCOLOR BRUSHES:  8 round, 6 round, 1” inch flat, and a dagger brush (optional)


WATER CONTAINERS (2-pint size)


Artist’s tape

At least two 12”X16" boards (can use foam core--art store will cut for you) They have them at Dollar Tree.

Park and enter on the North side of the church. Class is located in the community room on the lower level. Class Cost:  $15. per class for Guild members. 20. Per class for non-Guild members.  First timers:  $10.00.

No pre-registration required.  For supply lists and more information go to www.portlandfineartsguild.org or go to portlandfineartsguild on Facebook.

Our Current  Classes

Portland Fine Arts Guild Presents

Acrylic Workshop with Annette Jackson

Pasels and Watercolor with Melody Howden

Portland Fine Arts Guild Presents Acrylic Workshop with Annette Jackson

February 5, 12, 19, 2018 10:00am-2:00pm

Rivercrest Community Church 3201 NE 148th Avenue Portland 97230

In a class for beginning to advanced students, Annette Jackson will teach acrylic painting.  Students will learn how to mix colors, perspective painting and creating realistic and abstract paintings.

Acrylic Class Supplies

Easel, if possible

16 x 20 canvas

Brushes: no soft, watercolor brushes, nylon brushes work well

Acrylic paints: basic colors, no small tubes

Bowl/Bucket for water

Charcoal or pencil and eraser

Tray for paints

A picture of something to paint

A knife to scrape off paint when dried up

Color wheel


Annette Jackson holds a Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing, a Bachelor of Science, and a Master’s degree in Art Education.  She spent 26 years teaching art in public schools, all the time selling her artwork at markets, bazaars and art shows. She works in pencil, colored pencil, acrylic and watercolor. Annette is also skilled in calligraphy and weaves Native American baskets. Annette Jackson: 503-666-8071